A custom website in one week? ...and it costs less?

I meet many people who understand the value of a fully custom website, but are not in the position for a 12 week design project just yet.

After many hours of brainstorming, I came up with the perfect solution.

You get my undivided attention for one week.

It starts with your help.

The idea is simple: you get my complete attention for one day of hard work. And you end up with a fully functional, custom website your friends will be jealous of.

So how do I build a custom website in 5 days?

By eliminating communication lag.

Communication lag is the time it takes for both of us to respond to each other. Whether it be returning a phone call, email, or IM (yes, I still use instant messages).

We both have busy schedules, and sometimes it can take a couple days for them to align. It's nobody's fault. It just happens.

Over the course of a three month web design project, this lag time can add up to weeks. In fact, many 12 week projects could be completed in less than 2 weeks if communication lag was eliminated.

But with my one week websites, we both set aside one glorious week where we are both available to each other. Eliminating communication lag and saving you money.


Use my custom, in-house tool.

Enter the funktastic media Builder. Or FMB.

Of course, I've also taken a few steps to save time on my end.

During a typical custom website build, I code everything from scratch - by hand (what can I say, I'm a purist).

While this gives me full control, it also means I end up coding a button from scratch, even though I've coded hundreds of buttons before for other projects.

So why re-invent the wheel?

I built a special tool that takes my most used code, and automatically codes your website live as I design it.

Normally when I finish the design phase, I then begin coding  the design into HTML.

But with my one day website, as soon as the design phase is finished, your website is complete.

Nifty, eh?


  - Jack Funk


Get your one week website now.

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